New Rules for Designing Your Interiors

You have had enough of the old and grumpy stuff in your interior decor. Now is the time to bring out something really innovative. Do you feel monotonous with your decor and overall interiors? Well, paint those blank canvases and create a sophisticated ambiance in your house.

With new design trends and dynamics, let’s renovate your house following basic interior design principles.

1. Kitchen

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Decorating a kitchen with stainless steel products is more worthwhile, as it doesn’t attract rust and gives an excellent look. Even cheap stainless steels are indestructible and have been approved by majority of chefs.

Try to fix lights in all possible areas of your work. You can try out a pendant on the ceiling too; it looks amazing and offers ample light.

Although you must harmonize between the design and items of use, be sure to avoid matching up brass hardware, light fixtures, etc. at all places.

Light is an integral part, so try keeping the room as subtle as possible by using less bright lights.

Try keeping an additional space in the kitchen, to enjoy the benefit of openness or else it may look congested.

2. Living Room

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The living room is the heart of any house, thus keeping it light layered is important.

Light from specific areas like the sitting zone, small table, lamps near sofas, light on the special picture hanging, makes the whole room look exceptionally attractive. A pair of 1970s Credenza will turn your interiors into an elegant one.

It is better that you ignore the dimensions of your large or small window. Try not to put any window treatment to make it appealing. Simple color and contrasting curtains will do the desired work. If the window in your house has an overhead space, then you can try out Curtain bars or Roman shades close to the ceiling to generate the feel of a large window and high ceilings.

3. Bedroom

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Chandelier plus lamp are like a one-two punch in a bedroom. Place one on either side of your bed, you can enjoy the well-placed sconce as it will bring about a balance in the room. You could place an extra reading light as well. Decorating with two bedside lamps is a wonderful option too. Need ideas to decorate your dream bedroom?

4. Bathroom

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Use mirrors for better reflection; you need to have good light in the bathroom but it must not be overdone. It’s important to have a guest bath also.

Home polishes can create a long lasting effect that enhances the beauty of the house.

It is better to use attractive glossy paints, particularly on the ceiling. It tends to reflect and brings in a beauty of its own.

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Ceilings are an attractive part of any room, sophisticated sober colors like blue, peach, green of various shades look amazing on them.

Wood trims look stuffy when not placed in a correct way. You can gray the material out, setting it to a ‘satin finish’.

Shelves are subtle and less committed than a typical accent wall. Use cool cabinets of solid color and decorate it to create a striking look.

Think of your house as a museum and showcase your interiors accordingly. Feel free to juggle items in and out, creating a different look each time.

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Painting is the easiest and prime way to renovate a house instantly. Choose your favorite color, keep white blocks in four corners and use unique prints to update your style.


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