10 Wooden Pallet Plank Wall Ideas

Wood was an old finishing material but with the passage of time, the trend got shifted towards cemented houses with cemented walls. But now a day wood has regained its popularity. It’s not only looks beautiful and magnificent with artistic component but is equally beneficial in keeping the house warm and comfortable and harmonized with the furniture.

Make thin wooden boards keeping it flat of rough according to the wall. Adhere thin plywood pieces to the wall before inserting pallet slats into the wall. Color of the wooden plates is very important to keep pace with the furniture. You can keep it natural or can apply green, red, yellow any color contrasting with your furniture. In the end cover it with matte varnish to ensure its protection.

Wooden scrap pallet plank wall decor ideas:

pallet plank wall decor ideas

                 Best wood plank walls design ideas:

plank walls design deas

                 Cute pallet wall in your dark room:

pallet wall in your dark room

                 Beautiful pallet imperfect plank wall:

pallet imperfect plank wall

                 Pallet board wall in modern living room:

wall in modern living room

                 Pallet wall create from wood pallet sharing:

create from wood pallet sharing

                 Pallet wall decor ideas for decoration:

pallet wall decor ideas

                 Amazing wooden pallet wall palooza:

wooden pallet wall

                 Interior wood pallet wall decor design ideas:

wood pallet wall decor design

                 Nice nursery news accent pallet wall:

news accent pallet wall


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