16 Memorial Day Pallet Project Ideas 2017

There’s a holiday approaching, so after remembering our fallen military service persons, you may want to have some fun and build one of these great Memorial Day Pallet Project Ideas!

We’ve got lots of Memorial Day Pallet Project Ideas – from easy to challenging!

Here’s a project that you can have the kids help (or complete the vast majority of it as you supervise). Make yourself a Patriotic Pallet Flag / Yard Decoration!

Don’t wear your heart on your sleeve! Put it on a Pallet Flag Yard Decoration instead!

Here’s a great Pallet Adirondack Patio Set that is painted with a patriotic theme!

Make yourself a comfy pallet Adirondack-style chair and then paint a little pallet side table with a flag theme and you’re ready for Memorial Day Relaxation!

Of course, you can show your country’s colors AND show the world who your favorite superhero is too…

Combine your favorite superhero logo with your flag’s colors, and you’ve got a fun piece of yard art (or indoor art) perfect for Memorial Day, 4th of July, or any other family gathering!

We’ve got a DIY Video Tutorial for this Patriotic Woodburned Flag!

This isn’t just for a weekend party – this is gorgeous anywhere, anytime! <3

Perhaps you need a place to place that icy cold celebratory beverage? This Patriotic Coffee Table would be just the thing!

Show your military unit pride with a flag wall art (or even a coffee table top) piece like this one. Just insert your unit’s motto, logo, or other insignias. Stencils are easy to make nowadays.

Here’s one of the great Patriotic Pallet Project Ideas that would be great to display year-round – this Patriotic Star Wall Art!

This Memorial Day Pallet Project Idea would be excellent to adapt as a display case for medals, memorabilia, old photos and more of your fallen military service family member.

Everything patriotic doesn’t have to be a flag or painted to resemble a flag. How about just using the colors of your flag for a great Pallet Lounge Set?

Here’s a subtle way to display your country pride with your flag’s colors as a decorative theme!

Decorate for that Memorial Day Gathering the easy way – with a cute Pallet Fence all tricked out in a patriotic theme!

You don’t have to be using up all of your long weekends on a project. Just make a Pallet Memorial Day decoration and have a party instead.

If your loved one was a military airman (or woman), then make a Patriotic Aviation Wall Art piece!

Make a Pallet Flag that is a work of art, too!

We Want You to make your own Memorial Day Pallet Project Ideas!

Gone Fishin’ in Patriotic Style with this Pallet Fishing Chair!

Gone fishin’! This handy dual-purpose gardening or fishing chair can help you memorialize those in your own way – by enjoying some garden time or some fishing!

Make a cute Pallet Garden Flag to show your support!

This is a fun idea that could be done quickly – and involve the kids – or grandkids!

This Military-Themed Pallet Table is pretty cool, too!

You could customize this idea to describe the location(s) your favorite service person has been, or to tell a story about military life!

This is an inspired idea for any military service person in your family – and a great way to memorialize them too – with this Where Has The Military Taken Me sign for your home decor ideas.

Of course, our list of Memorial Day Pallet Project Ideas wouldn’t be complete without a Rustic Pallet Flag. This crafter came up with a unique way to address the stars – and no painting required!

Brilliant – no painting involved whatsoever if you use oak and pine. ;D

Which branch of the service did it best? So far, the only one representing is the Navy… Guess this is a challenge to the Army, Marines & Air Force to come up with their own Military-Themed Pallet Bars! 😀

If you’re going to do it, go big like this outrageous Navy-themed Kegerator. That’s a party in a box!


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