Shocking New Report Shows Clinton Ties To Russia No One Ever Thought Would Get Out!

  • Russian company, TENEX, paid around $3 million to an American firm, APCO Worldwide Inc.
  • APCO began providing pro-bono services to the Clinton Global Initiative 10 years back.
  • APCO CEO, Margery Kraus, signed a continuing contract with Tenex 7 years back, the same time top TENEX executive Russian Vadim Milkerin was under investigation for bribery involving American companies.
  • Russia later acquired 20% of American uranium, with Hillary as a main actor in the deal, serving as Secretary of State.

APCO denies any impropriety, stating the following for Circa:

“APCO was not involved in neither one aspect of Uranium One, or the CFIUS process relating to it. APCO Worldwide undertook activities on behalf of Tenex 7 years back, relating to civil nuclear cooperation, which APCO disclosed in detail in public filings. 

Since 2007-2008, APCO provided services in kind to the Clinton Global Initiative. It’s work for Tenex and the Clinton Global Initiative were separate and unconnected, and fully consistent with all regulations and US law.”

It’s not easy to know what to believe, and the MSM definitely isn’t advertising this. Can you imagine if such a thing happened to Trump? It would be front page every single day!


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