Six Major Companies Have Started Boycotting The President – Let’s Boycott Them! Read WHO OMG!

If a career politician would run six major companies, of course he won’t have any problem sponsoring the 2012 GOP presidential convention. Butm ever since that, they have retracted their support when Trump was nominated for the title.

According to the Hill, Wells Fargo, JP Morgan Chase, UPS, Motorola, Ford, and Walgreens have all refused to participate in last year’s GOP convention upon learning that Trump was the one to be nominated. They won’t ever admit that this is the exact reason why they pulled out, even though it is quite obvious. 


Like that wasn’t enough, Fargo agreed to sponsor the Democratic convention’s host committee held in Philadelphia:

“We are supporting the City of Philadelphia host committee given our significant community bank and team member presence. What we have decided around the host committees, was determined last year before either party determined the nominees. That followed our past practices”, said Fargo’s spokeswoman.

Some other companies are even retracting their support and turning their backs on Trump – Conservative Fighters even reported that Heineken has shipped out their product looking for “a world without borders or barriers.”

It has been recently introduced the company’s outrageous marketing strategy to sell their beer:

“Here’s to a world without borders or barriers, to the belief that there’s more that unites us than divides us, to finding common ground. Raise a bottle with the person next to you – a stranger is nothing but a friend you haven’t had a cold Heineken with yet.”

The company is purposely ignoring Germany, France, and Sweden. All of them have previously supported the idea of open borders, even though they showed it as an increase in violent crime and terrorism. Most Americans are not willing to fear for their communities. According to polls, 80% disapprove of sanctuary city policies, and more than a half percent actually support Trump’s temporary ban of refugees.


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