9th Circuit Court Releases Muslim Doctor Who Wouldn’t Save A Christian Boy

A Muslim doctor looked a 4-year-old boy and his parents in the face and told them, without blinking or losing the obvious smirk on his face, that he could not, by law, save their son. “He is a Christian,” Dr. Fareed al Lashalala told Dan and Rhonda Fitzpatrick of South Boston, “Allah wills him to meet his fate the same as all infidels: without the light of God.”

With that, their son, Michael James Fitzpatrick, took his last breath and died in his mother’s arms. Dr al Lashalala was arrested and tried for gross criminal negligence and felony murder for his actions. After a 13-day trial, he was convicted and sentenced to life in prison. His attorney argued to the appeals court that al Lashalala was here on vacation and not in an official capacity and was under no obligation to help save a stranger:

“In this case, on our shores, Sharia Law applies. This man wouldn’t be prosecuted for not helping a dying child in his own country. He has a reasonable right to his beleiefs, whether or not we agree. He didn’t harm anyone, he simply refused to offer unlicenced, unsanctioned help that — in his mind — would keep him from eternal salvation.”

The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals agreed and overturned his conviction, dismissing the case with prejudice so it can’t be brought again lest it be considered double jeopardy.

The rights we have as Americans shouldn’t be afforded to foreigners. They should be dealt with according to their own laws, too. How would they like that? Can we behead this guy in the public square for his crimes?

The 9th Circuit Court needs to be abolished.

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  1. Adria Crouch says:

    The i9th District Circuit Court does not want us to stop Muslims from coming into the US. Now they don’t blame a Doctor for not being willing to try to help a dying child. I think the 9th is in error, some things are universal actions. Who wants murders, rapist and criminals delivered to our doorstep, who would not try to help a child from any location in the world. I would not go to a doctor who would allow anyone to just die without offering any help.

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