Omg! Look what is happening in Israel after President Trump acknowledged Jerusalem as capital, did he make a mistake? (VIDEO)

At the call of the terrorist organization Hamas, the Palestinians took to the streets of cities and with violence responded to the decision of President of the United States, Donald Trump, to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.
Currently the worst is in Bethlehem, where a real street war is being waged.

The Palestinians are attacking Israeli security forces with stones, bakels, sticks, and everything that will come at hand, but tires on the streets also are burning. The special police responded with tear gas, but the protesters only briefly calmed down.

In Jerusalem, the Palestinians started a general strike. Arab countries, one by one, condemn Trump’s decision.

There are protests in Gaza, but also in other Palestinian cities. The political leader of the terrorist Hamas called for the start of a new bloody uprising against Israel.


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