Ultra-Liberal Cenk Uygur Blames ‘Conservatism’ After Being Caught Calling Women “Genetically Flawed”

Cenk Uygur runs the Youtube liberal news program ‘The Young Turks’, which has more than 3.5 million supporters. In the same way as other liberals who spend his days bashing Conservatives, Uygur makes them nauseate convictions about ladies. Compositions from 18 years back rose to the top, and rather than simply apologizing he faulted ‘conservatism.’

“The stuff I composed in those days was extremely inhumane and insensible. On the off chance that you read that today, what I composed 18 years prior, and you’re outraged by it, you’re 100 percent right. What’s more, any individual who is subjected to that material, I apologize to. What’s more, I profoundly lament having composed that stuff when I was an alternate person,” said Uyger.

“I had not yet developed and I was as yet a traditionalist who felt that stuff was politically mistaken and restless. When you read it now, it looks truly, truly, revolting. What’s more, it’s exceptionally awkward to peruse,” he said.

This is the thing that he wrote in 2000 about his outing to Miami. “It appears as though there is an ocean of tits here, and I am drinking in little beads. I need to jump into the entire god damn sea. Clearly, the qualities of ladies are imperfect. They are inadequately outlined animals who would prefer not to engage in sexual relations so regularly as required for mankind to get along serenely and productively,” he composed.

Despite the fact that he said he is never again like this and he was just thusly on the grounds that he was more ‘Traditionalist,’ he composed fundamentally the same as tweets in 2013. “The implausible bosoms in Miami are just coordinated by the impossible butts. This place influences LA to look genuine,” tweeted Ugyer in 2013.

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