UPDATE: Robert Mueller Fired For ‘Gross Incompetence’

President Trump has found the perfect loophole to fire Robert Mueller without the liberals saying he canned the guy “investigating” him. Mueller, a special investigator for the FBI, was technically hired by the Department of Justice. Therefore, if Jeff Sessions fires him, there is no “obstruction.” just a new special prosecutor.

The DOJ hasn’t released an official statement yet, but an insider clerking for Sessions told Fox News:

“Mr. Sessions has a full schedule and no time for the necessary sit-downs with committee heads and fact-finders. He’s relying on the good judgment of President Trump and asking for Mueller to peacefully step aside so he won’t have to be ‘fired’ in an official capacity. Make no mistake. If he doesn’t resign, which we don’t expect he will, he’ll be fired.”

Mueller’s office didn’t answer official calls from The New York Times for a quote, but one high-level staffer told his contact at a nearby bar that Mueller will resign “when he grows nipples on his nutsack.”

The story won’t become official until the 3rd of January when Sessions has a meeting with the press scheduled to discuss the future of the investigation without Mueller one way or the other.

We’ll keep you updated on this evolving situation.

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