UPDATE: Chelsea Clinton Sells Out Her Parents For Full Immunity

Chelsea Clinton spent six hours with federal prosecutors today trying to explain how the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the largest contributor to the Clinton Foundation, managed to have a sit-down with the US Secretary of State every single Monday morning that her mother held that office.

She also had to explain why the Obama administration allowed the Muslim Brotherhood, another huge Clinton Foundation donor, to take over Egypt and why her father, who was arrested for manslaughter in Monaco was suddenly declared an “innocent victim of mistaken identity” after the Crown Prince got to play basketball with a US President.

No matter what angle they came at her with, she was never going to walk out of there without either being charged or turning state’s evidence. According to inside sources at the Department of Justice, she chose the latter:

“Chelsea is young and has two children. She may have knowledge of these crimes but she wasn’t involved. She has two choices: obstruct justice and ruin her life or turn on her parents. It didn’t take long for her to make the decision she knows they would want her to make.”

The Clinton Foundation, FBI, Justice Department and Chelsea Clinton all deny that their meeting even happened. The truth always takes some time to trickle to the surface. You heard it here first.

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