The first year in office for President Trump has been a chaotic experience with constant threats that some sort of crime will be pinned on him by the liberals.

Law enforcement in the country, has the authority to investigate any man, regardless of his status or position, if they consider him suspicious of collusion. But in the case of the president now, this power has been abused to the extend that this investigation is being dragged on for as long as possible, without any evidence back it up.

President Trump has spent his entire tenure so far, fighting off one allegation after another. And the most popular one seems to be that about the Russian collusion. This investigation is being handled by Robert Mueller.

 Having nothing to hide, the President welcomed this investigation from the beginning, but now, it’s safe to say that the American people have had enough.

It appears that this plan to make the President look bad backfired right back at them and now, as newest information suggests, the very team investigating the President is compromised.

President Donald Trump said on an interview for the Wall Street Journal, on Thursday that, an FBI agent who was removed from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigative team is guilty of ‘treason.’ 

According to a report form the Daily Mail this came after the release of the agent’s text messages.

The report states: “He was referring to Peter Strzok, an FBI agent who had been assigned to work on Mueller’s team investigating potential ties between Russia and the Trump campaign. 

‘A man is tweeting to his lover that if [Hillary Clinton] loses, we’ll essentially do the insurance policy. We’ll go to phase two and we’ll get this guy out of office,’ Trump said. ‘This is the FBI we’re talking about – that is treason.’  

That is a treasonous act. What he tweeted to his lover is a treasonous act,’ Trump added, confusing text messages and tweets. Strzok was removed last summer following the discovery of anti-Trump text messages he exchanged with an FBI lawyer who was also assigned to the team.

Treason is defined in law as aiding an enemy of the United States.”

There are many evidence in the case. Republican investigators have gushed over the text messages between the two agents who were working on the investigation and consequently sleeping together. The report continued:

“Buried among the 10,000 text messages between the pair are several that make reference to specific journalists, parse articles mentioning the bureau, and include language that could indicate advance knowledge of publication of news stories.

Strzok, deputy head of counterintelligence at the FBI, got reassigned from the Russia probe after it was discovered he had exchanged anti-Trump messages with FBI lawyer Lisa Page, with whom he was having an affair.

Strzok got reassigned to the FBI’s human resources department in August.

Another message refers to a Washington Post article that laid out a timeline for the Hillary Clinton probe.

‘Sorry, Rybicki called,’ Page wrote, mentioning the FBI’s chief of staff. ‘Time line article in the post is super specific and not good. Doesn’t make sense because I didn’t have specific information to give.’ “

This leads us to think that in fact Strzok didn’t have the right information to conduct an investigation. Instead they just decided they want to do it, and hoped out to figure out the rest as it comes.

The left wants to make us believe that this means that the whole investigation was a political hit and not a legitimate investigation seeking for justice.

Reportedly, Republicans have been preparing up probes of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigators, and those who had anything to do with the creation of the dossier collected by the former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele.

Strzok texted Page regarding an article mentioning the FBI, in a different email that was reviewed by the Hill. The text said ”Yep, the whole tone is anti-Bu. Just a tiny bit from us.” On which Page responded ”Makes me feel WAY less bad about throwing him under the bus to the forthcoming CF article.” as the report stated ‘using an abbreviation that is unclear’.

What congressional investigators are trying to find out is whether Strzok and Page had advanced knowledge of articles that appeared according to the paper.

Just because the two were sleeping together that doesn’t mean that the legal privilege passes on to them. Unfortunately for them, Strzok and Page had to learn that the hard way.

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