Donald’s Genius Workforce Plan Will Decimate Welfare And Ignite The Economy

The Trump administration continues to slash bloated government. That is perhaps felt the most in entitlement programs. Government handouts create a massive burden on the taxpayer. Plus, they allow able-bodied Americans to sit around and not work.

Thanks to Obama, states are allowed to give out food stamps to anyone. People who should be working get a free ride. They are not required to do anything. Not even look for a job.

But as the economy continues to boom, workers are needed. Unemployment is dropping. New jobs are opening up every day. There is less and less reasons to allow people to collect food stamps who refuse to work. And Trump is making sure that’s the case.


Federal law requires childless, able-bodied adults to work, volunteer or train at least 20 hours per week to receive food stamps. But Obama-era bureaucrats mounted a campaign allowing states to request waivers to opt out of the work requirement…

Across the country, there are more than 1,300 “work-free” counties, cities, and other areas where able-bodied adults, 18-49 years old, with no kids, get a completely free ride while on food stamps. There are no work requirements – no incentive for these people to pull themselves out of government dependency and create a better life, free from welfare.

National unemployment is reaching all-time lows. There are an estimated 6 million jobs opening across the country. There are zero reasons a person on food stamps can’t at least look for work. The government merely requires they spend 20 hours a week doing something. Is that really so bad?

That includes volunteering or getting job training. States even provide job training programs to help people. Yet there are still people who refuse to meet these basic requirements. And states, like California and Michigan, keep seeking waivers to these rules.

Those days are rapidly ending. The federal government will start requiring accountability from these states. The waivers will end and more people will go back to work

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