The Language President Trump Used In A Private Meeting Doesn’t Offend Me…But Here’s What DOES Offend Me

The media is overwhelmed with the story about the President Trump’s comment when he referred to Haiti as a “shithole” country during a private meeting in the White House.

Many people claim  to be offended by his words, but this one article suggests that there are much greater things to be offended for in this country.

“I’m offended every time a professional athlete takes a knee during our national anthem.

I’m offended by men and women who’ve made a career out of being corrupt politicians.

I’m offended by the people who keep electing them.

I’m offended by illegal aliens who lower the wages of American workers and take American jobs.

I’m offended by Hollywood celebrities shaming me for not supporting their moralless views and corrupt political candidates.

I’m offended by women who walk around in vagina hats and costumes.

I’m offended that our vets were literally dying while waiting for treatment in VA health care centers and hospitals, and no one cared enough to fix it, until now.

I’m offended by men using women’s bathrooms.

I’m offended by my tax money being used to support people from terror-hotbed nations who were randomly selected to live here by a diversity lottery.

I’m offended by racist groups like Black Lives Matter and the Ku Klux Klan.
I’m offended by illegal aliens who come here and commit crimes while being protected by sanctuary cities and states.

I’m offended by liberal professors at fascist universities who teach our kids to hate themselves and to hate America.

The list of things to be offended by is long and exhausting, but the report really proves a point.

As it states, worthy of one’s offence is : letting criminals like Hillary Clinton off the hook for a number of crimes, crumbling inner-cities that are being restored by Democrats for votes, leftist troublemakers posing like real news hosts, suppressing masculinity with all this feminism talk, teaching kids that gender doesn’t exist, the fact that children are not allowed to mention Christ in school but in the name of diversity, they are being taught about Islam.

Equally irritating  is the fact that Hollywood and the entertainment industries are interested in fighting against sexual misconduct all of a sudden. Especially after their efforts to elect Hillary as President in the 2016 elections, despite accusations about her husband being a rapist.

Also beyond offensive is the time that Trump’s supporters have spent, watching the United States suffering from the hand of President Obama. Our country no longer has any journalistic integrity. The media is filled with political marionettes who obey orders instead of reporting the truth.

Authorities and intelligence agencies are no longer true  to their reputation. They have shown, countless times, their inability to perform their job.

Not to mention the terrible misdeed that Hillary and Bill Clinton did to the people in Haiti, when they used their charitable Clinton Foundation to steal money from donations that were aimed to help the victims of the devastating earthquake that hit Haiti back in 2010.

There are so many greater things to obsess about than what President Trump said in the heat of the moment. The United States has seen so much mistreatment, criminal and corruption that it is absolutely absurd that in the face of all that, someone would feel offended by how President Donald Trump referred to Haiti.

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