BREAKING: ‘Freedom Daily’ Was Removed From Facebook For Behind-The-Scenes Underage Sex Ring

In case you haven’t heard, the bastion of conservative truth and patriotism, Freedom Daily, has been removed from Facebook. Initially, it looked like a move to censor conservative views, as the page was trying to wage war and circumvent the new algorithm the platform has installed that decides what you want to see for you.

It was an easy sell, but, unfortunately, it’s just not true. The truth is, the owner of the site, Myron Folkage, along with his son Myron Jr and his wife Ashlyn Krakhag-Folkage, were using the site as a cover for a behind-the-scenes underage sex ring. According to FBI cybercrimes Lieutenant Sandy Batt:

“The Folkage family used Myron Jr’s war injuries, Ashlyn’s trashiness and the dad’s pure hatred for…everything…to attract angry young teens who weren’t smart enough to stay in school. They convinced them to become teen prostitutes and kept 80 percent of their take.

To date we have 41 girls and 11 boys who said they lost their virginity or had a penis in their pooper for the first time after a live romp with the Folkage family and their rich friends. They even established the ‘Injured Warrior Mentor Project.’ It was a fake charity meant to fool people into believeing it belonged to a real charity when all it really turned out to be was a way to fly around for free to charge $25K to sleep with a 15-year-old virgin.”

So far no charges have been filed as the prosecution is having a hard time finding the girls they need to find to build their case. That still hasn’t stopped Facebook from removing Freedom Daily and a bunch of its affiliates for running the whole thing through private messaging with the pages and private groups attached to the pages.

Their income is gone. Now they just need some jail time. It’s sad when it’s one of our own….

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