BOOOM! Edward Snowden Just Dropped The Hammer On James Comey! No One Will Trust Comey After This!

Edward Snowden makes Comey look like a worthless figurine, after he reveals his thoughts on the former FBI Director’s recent statement. 

Snowden, the American computer professional who has been known for his controversial leaks which brought a lot of fuss to the United States political scene, does care about the truth. And it looks like he wants to make the American people aware of everything that is happening behind the scenes in the government.

Lately, his focus has been on the former FBI James Comey and here is what Snowden had to say about his statement on the wiretapping.

As it appears, Comey is unable to find evidence that will convict anyone except Hillary Clinton.

In a press briefing, the former FBI attacked any hacker, organization or anyone else who has released documents which reveal the level of corruption in our government. Among those on his presumable list were probably Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, and WikiLeaks.

Reportedly, his exact words on the intelligence leaks  were : “This information can be deterred, and it can be deterred by locking some people up.”

Rep. Conaway just referred to @nakashimae as “Elaine something”

FBI Director James Comey on leaks to media: “This information can be deterred, and it can be deterred by locking some people up.”
However, Edward Snowden felt compelled to reply to Comey’s remark because he wasn’t going to let someone who is incompetent to do his job, drag his name through the mud like that.

On his Twitter account, Snowden wrote : “You want to know how to stop the next whistleblower? Stop breaking the damn law.”

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