Russia Issues Shock Mueller Announcement, America Is Stunned

One of the most shocking and unbelievable revelations from the Russian collusion investigation under  Special Counsel Robert Mueller is the accusation against Paul Manafort, Trump campaign chairman and his business partner Richard Gates.

Even Russian officials have doubts about whether these claims are true.

According to a report from NBC News, : Russia’s Foreign Ministry cited a factual error in the Manafort indictment. The spokesperson for the ministry said the presence of such an error indicates the allegations are “cooked up” and not part of a “serious investigation.”

Considering the fact that the charges against Manafort and Gates are unrelated to the Trump campaign and are regarding something that happened a long time before, the developments of these accusations are still unclear.

Nevertheless, a representative of the Russia’s Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova pointed out a mistake in the 31-page indictment document against Manafort. Namely, according to her, the description of the Ukrainian politician Yulia Tymoshenko as her country’s former president was incorrect.

Tymoshenko served as a Prime Minister of Ukraine twice, but never as a president of that state. After her two mandates in 2005 and again from 2007 till 2010, in 2011 she was arrested for embezzlement charges.

Ultimately, the predictions of the United States and other countries that the charges were politically motivated, turned out to be true and she was released from prison.

Zakharova came out with this mistake on Russian national television, making fun of Mueller’s and his team’s carelessness.

She said “I liked a lot the bit that, it turns out, according to the recent findings of American enforcers, the Ukrainian president before [Viktor] Yanukovych was Yulia Tymoshenko.” continuing “We did not know that, but there you go.”

According to her, this kind of mistake brings into question the validity of the whole accusation and discredits Special Counsel Mueller’s probe as a “serious investigation.

Zkharova stated : “This is a very important moment showing the way how, once again, this document had been made, cooked up.” adding, “You understand when you talk about serious investigation one cannot allow things like that.”

Manafort and Gates indictment claimed that the two “lobbied multiple members of Congress and their staffs about Ukraine sanctions, the validity of Ukraine elections, and the propriety of Yanukovych’s imprisoning his presidential rival, Yulia Tymoshenko (who had served as Ukraine president prior to Yanukovych).”

Money laundering, conspiracy against the US, failing to register as foreign agents, and not reporting foreign bank and financial accounts, are some of the charges brought against Manafort and his associate Richard Gates.

The news about their indictment came around the time when the former Trump campaign and foreign policy adviser George Papadopoulos pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about his involvement with Russian officials.

A report from Breitbart says that, a Russian-connected professor informed Papadopoulos about the Russians possessing “thousands of emails” from Hillary Clinton. He also confirmed that he erased his Facebook account which had Russian contacts, after he talked with the FBI.

Reportedly, Papadopoulos has been working with Special Counsel Mueller’s team and probably has been negotiating a deal ever since he was arrested.

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