IT’S OVER: Top Republican Just Leaked Paul Ryan’s Sick Plan to Betray Trump **Watch Before Deleted**

A secret plot by Speaker Paul Ryan to destroy President Trump is revealed by Congressman Louie Gohmert of Texas when he gave an exclusive interview to Daily Caller.
Congressman said that president Trump has always been wary of globalist Paul Ryan and this shocking new revelation proves he was right all along.
According to our source, Subject Politics, Gohmert told Daily that just 2 weeks before the election, Paul Ryan held a secret phone call with Republican leaders and instructed them to “run away” from President Trump in order to elect Hillary Clinton.
To the speaker on a call Gohmert said: “Are you crazy? We haven’t held anyone accountable. You haven’t even let us hold the IRS commissioner accountable [for using government power to harm President Obama’s political adversaries]”.
He told that he speaks so courageously because he wants the party to succeed and is appreciative of the prayers sustaining him. He struggles to find something positive as he watches government leaders run from doing what is best for the nation at this critical time.He added “We don’t want to go down in history as the generation that was fine with making the future for our kids much worse than we had it ”.
About commenting on the aftermath of the Sanders supporter shooting Republicans practicing for a baseball game, his impression is that he was surprised by the Republican reaction, but not the Democrats’ response.
Democrats refused to acknowledge “the hate we’ve stirred up, the violence we’ve demanded,” but wanted to focus on “the gun,, he said.He also spoke of the Mueller investigation about so-called Russian collusion, and approves the call by some of his House Freedom Caucus colleagues for another special counsel to investigate Mueller and former FBI Director Comey.
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