Jason Chaffetz Just Uncovered The Truth About Loretta Lynch And She Wants It BURIED

HLoretta Lynch is going down.

Jason Chaffetz just told the truth.

The mainstream media will never report this!

According to our source Liberty Writers, Jason Chaffetz, GOP Rep. and House of Oversight committee chairman is after Loretta Lynch. Jason Chaffetz stated Saturday that the Department of Justice is now investigating the former Attorney General, Loretta Lynch for interfering and attempting to stop the FBI investigation regarding Hillary Clinton’s emails.

“This is really a pivotal moment,” said Jason Chaffetz on “Fox & Friends,” continuing to explain that Agency Inspector General Michael Horowitz “has been diving into this” and is expected to compose a complete report on Lynch. The report would most notably cover her supervision of the dropped FBI email probes during the 2016 presidential campaigns.

It was also reported that Lynch “directed [Comey] not to call it an investigation and call it a matter — which confused [Comey].” The Utah Represenative said Sunday that the remarks  “evidently sparked a series of events” for James Comey.

In June 2016, during the presidential campagin, Bill Clintion, Hillary Clintion’s husband met and talked with Lynch, this meeting has sparked questions whether Bill Clinton turned for help to Lynch. However, the issue died when President Trump defeated Hillary Clintion and resurfeced when the former FBI director testified on Capitol Hill.

In a bipartisan announcement, The Senate Judiciary Committee formally asked others including Lynch to respond to alligations of  “political interference” in  Clinton’s FBI probe, they have until July 6th. The Senate inqury was led to news reports that raised a lot of question about whether Loretta Lynch tried to shut down the investigation.

Here is included a April New York Times story that is based on unconfrmed and hacked documets that were obtained by the FBI. In the documents a Democratc operative said that Lynch will prevent the email investigation from “going too far”

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