Trump Spots Who Is In Crowd At His Public Speech And Urgently Reaches Under The Podium

President Donald Trump was outside the U.S. capitol building in Washington D.C. delivering a speech to a massive crowd.

He has spotted who was in the crowd that had gone unnoticed by everyone else.

So now we know who this person is and why the president did what he felt he had to do.

President Donald Trump was delivering a message at the 36th Annual National Peace Officers’ Memorial Service to honor our country’s fallen police officers and the families of those who lost their heroes in the line of duty, The event ended on an incredible note last night when for the first time in history, the White House was lit up in blue for Law Enforcement. This is something Barack Obama refused to do in his two terms in office.

According to our source, Freedom Daily, while President Donald Trump was speaking, he notice a six year old boy in the crowd. He departed from his prepared remarks to direct a segment of time to this child instead. This child’s name is Micah and he lost his father in a gun fight last year during an apprehension gone tragically wrong while on duty in Phoenix, Arizona.

“And just to show you, by the way, how much I love our police, I said, oh, I’m going to need a hat because it’s so windy today,” Trump said during his speech while holding the hat he was referring to above his head. “I said, when I got out of here, there’s no way I’m going to put on this hat. So we’ll leave off the hat. And this is for you, Micah. That’s for our beautiful Micah down there,” the president said in his remarks as he tossed his hat to the little boy who rightfully received the special recognition.”

“To every child in America who has lost a mom or a dad in the line of duty, I want you to know your parents are American heroes — American heroes,” the president said in his speech to these families of heroes. “They died keeping us safe. They are the pride of our nation. And we will hold them in our hearts always and forever. Their sacrifice will never, ever be forgotten.”

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