Trump-Hater Stephen King Attacks Hospitalized Melania, She Gives Him Nasty Surprise

Stephen King, the best-selling novelist known for horror stories, is a rabid hater of President Donald Trump. But, instead of attacking the president, the leftist coward just attacked Melania Trump, who is still in the hospital. Well, King was shocked to get a nasty surprise from the first lady that he clearly didn’t expect.

Stephen King is known for his horror stories, but many might not know that he sees himself as one of the elite Hollywood crowd, and he has embraced their leftist nutty politics. King really is kind of a has-been who peaked as a writer in the 1980s-90s. Now, much like Rosie O’Donnell, he sees himself as a leftist activist opposed to President Donald Trump.

Twitchy reported, “Why send someone get-well wishes when you could act like a jerk? That seems to be Stephen King’s thought process. Upon learning that Melania Trump was being treated for a kidney condition, King tweeted this: ‘Not to be snarky, but Melania can probably use a week’s rest from Blabbermouth Don. Sounds heavenly to me.’”

Wow, what a man. Too scared to go directly after the president, King saw the demure Mrs. Trump as fair game, especially since she is “down and out,” recovering in the hospital. Can you imagine if Michelle Obama had gone through a major surgery and someone of notoriety had felt the need to attack her like that?

Good Lord, the mob of leftists would have pounced on someone like Stephen King. Well, the Trump-hating writer was in for a shock. You see, the first lady is pretty darn popular in this country. In fact, a recent CNN poll saws her numbers jumped ten points from 47% in January 2018, to 57% in May 20218.

Liberal pundits even agree that Melania Trump’s approval rating is reaching rock star status.

That’s what Stephen King was shocked to learn when Melania, by way of her devoted fans, gave him a nasty surprise. Poor little Stevie got hammered by Americans who called him out for his lame “not to be snarky” tweet. Worse than that for King, these Americans were his fans too, but no more.

Jim Johnson tweeted to King, “Wow, I used to be interested in reading what you wrote. How times have changed. It is a shame you have become so hateful. Perhaps your horror writing poisoned your mind.”

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