Creating a Baby Boys Nursery


Congratulations! You’re going to have a son! A lot of people start planning the nursery or bedroom for their newborn son as soon as they find out they are having a child. Where do you start? There are a few good places to start that can make the process a lot faster.

If you don’t want to paint again in the bedroom or nursery, you can start by designing a boy’s room around the colour of the paint. Find the main colours in the room and choose one or two colours that go with or contrast with them. There are a lot of different ways to match colours in a room that is blue, like with navy and royal blue. You can also go with green and white for a different look. When you think about the colours you want to use, look at baby crib bedding sets that would make these colours even more beautiful.


However, if the room needs new paint, or if the room is already a neutral colour like white, you have a wide range of choices. Then, it’s fun to start out by shopping for baby crib bedding sets that you really like as your first choice. For the crib, choose one or two main sets of linens. Then design the room around the colours, patterns, or themes that appear in those linens.


A good way to start is to pick a specific subject, like cars and trucks or sailboats. You can also start by picking a specific subject, like puppies or fire trucks. When you choose baby crib bedding, pick a theme that you like. When the bedding and theme are done, you can then paint the walls or woodwork to match them. Wallpaper, stencils, or cutouts can also be added to the walls of your room if you want to match the theme that you choose.


Finally, paint, stain, or buy furniture and accessories that match the colours, style, and theme you chose. Lampshades, rugs, and curtains are all great ways to add colour and contrast to your home. Framed prints or knick-knacks can add a little extra flair to the room.


Baby crib bedding sets with sports prints or mottos and traditional themes are easy to find. You can use traditional little boy themes like trains, baseball, and cowboys because they’re easy to find. It’s also a good idea to choose masculine colours, like blue, green, and brown. Bold primary colours like red, blue, and yellow also work well. You can choose stripes, polka dots, geographic shapes, and animal prints (like zebra, giraffe, and tiger stripes) for a more modern look.


This is a great idea for parents who like a more modern and exciting theme. Paint the room a medium shade of blue with white woodwork and trim. A set of giraffe or zebra print baby crib bedding is a great way to make the crib look nice and cosy, too. There should be stencilled foliage on the walls, stuffed monkeys, elephant figurines, and curtains made of fabric that looks like big puffy clouds in a blue sky to finish the look.


To add colour, you can put down a green rug on the floor, framed pictures of jungle animals like Curious George on the wall, and wild animal-themed pillows on a window seat or in an easy chair for nursing or cuddling before bedtime.


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