The Secret on How to Design a Greener Than “Green” Room


Create a green room that is not just “eco-friendly,” but also a shade or hues of green to have some fun with. Why would I want to do that, I hear you ask? This will all come together beautifully with my guidance, so stay tuned. A green room is available to you in both the real and symbolic sense. I’ll show you how to do it and provide you with all the details you need to get started.

Is there a room in your house that you’ve always wanted to decorate but haven’t yet? Room for a single person, a couple, or a family. When you’re done, you’ll have something to refer to. Since a result, the space should be devoid of furniture and clutter, as we will be starting from scratch in this area. This room’s flooring, wall colour, fabric, and window treatment options will all be explained to you by me in this section. Everything you need to know about putting this space together and where to buy the products you need. Because all of the items utilised in this room are excellent for our environment and our health, this room is truly one-of-a-kind. Non-toxic and organic materials are common. We can be pleased of the fact that we were able to make such a beautiful area with these things.


So, let’s start with the different fabric options. It’s critical to choose the fabric for a space first, and then the colours that go with it. There are three fabrics I’ve selected to work with, and they may be arranged in whatever way you choose. Use one fabric for the bed and window coverings and perhaps a chair in the room, or vice versa in a bedroom. Another option is to use the same fabric for a sectional or couch, a chair, and a window valance in a family room. Kravet, a well-known fabric manufacturer, is the source of the initial fabric. Samples of the fabric pattern can be bought from a designer or viewed online. Kravet’s three Kravet Green novels swayed my decision to buy their publications. All of these recycled textiles are fashionable and high-quality. You can get a considerable discount on the fabric when you have your couch or bedding made by them. 29124 colour 3 is the initial pattern. It’s a great fabric for a couch, valance, or even bedding because it comes in a variety of tones of green. This fabric may be used in a variety of settings because of its unique design. There are two velvet options for draperies, beds, and upholstery in the second Fabricut Fabrics fabric. Because it is made by a company that has complete faith in textiles, this fabric is free of any harmful substances. If you’d like to see it in person, you may get a sample. Lastly, a green watermarked cloth with a tone on tone pattern makes a stunning drape, valance, bedspread, or accent cushion. Bamboo and linen are used to make the fabric, which is created by the Q Collection and is free of heavy metals. Specimens are available for canopy #1026 colour 114 lichen.


Choosing a paint colour is the next step after we have our cloth. Benjamin Moore has a new product called Natura that I’m going to endorse. With 0% volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in any hue, exceptional performance, and compliance with Leeds and Green Seal environmental requirements, this paint is nearly infallible. I’ve decided to use eggshell as a basis for the hue. HC-109, Wethersfield Moss is a warm, mossy green hue from the historic colour range that adds a warm, but soft, colour to the space.


The room’s flooring is just as critical. For those who have the financial means to do so, I’ve found a gorgeous Bamboo floor that will look fantastic in your home. Duro-flooring Design’s is what I’ve decided on. A water-based odourless finish with a very low VOC of 90 grammes is available in a variety of colours. If you’re looking for something that’s both beautiful and long-lasting, go no further than the “Mao Zhu” 3-ply bamboo used in their flooring. I choose pistachio #31 as the colour for our room. With our deeper, richer walls, it is a perfect match for this gentle, green hue. Light and dark are well accentuated by the floor’s tone.


The sun blinds provide the last touch in our eco-friendly room. This is the only product in our “green” collection that isn’t actually green, yet it still qualifies as such. Many of Superior’s sun blinds are supported by Confidence in Textiles and Green Guard, making them some of the best available. Another choice is to have a bespoke roman shade, working drape, or balloon shade fashioned out of fabric from the Kravet or Q line.

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